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PF Property Management Plus, Inc.
Corcoran Icon Properties
5985 Almaden Expy, San Jose, CA 95120
DRE#: 00640335

 Managing Your Property

SERVICES OFFERED BY Property Management Plus, LLC

1) Preparing property to rent:
            a) Preview property
            b) Arrange for necessary cleaning, painting, repairs, etc.

2) Advertising property:
            a) San Jose Mercury News
            b) Professional yard sign
            c) Distribution of rental information to other property managers

3) Showing Property:
            a) Meeting with potential tenants to show the property
            b) Giving out the application

4) Choosing the tenants:
            a) Run complete credit reports
            b) Talk to former landlords
            c) Talk to employers
            d) Check given references

5) Setting up rental account:
            a) Collect rent and deposits
            b) Pay outstanding bills on owner's behalf
            c) Pay management bill
            d) Send balance to owner

6) Lease agreement / Tenant move - in:
            a) Draw up rental agreement
            b) Do five page walk-thru with tenant
            c) Take up to 100 pictures of interior and exterior of property
            d) Give tenant applicable keys, garage door controllers and other
                 associated items needed for his/her tenancy

7) Monthly services:
      a) Collect rent
            b) Pay bills authorized by owner such as home owners dues, mortgage payments, etc.
            c) Arrange for any repairs as authorized by owner
            d) Do Walk-thru inspections as needed


A) Set - up:

            1) Preparing the property to rent
            2) Advertising the property - owner pays for all advertising
            3) Showing the property
            4) Securing the tenant
            5) Preparing lease agreement and other associated paperwork
            6) Doing the walk-thru with tenant and taking pictures
                        Total cost: one half of a full month's rent


            1) Collect rents
            2) Pay bills
            3) Arrange repairs
            4) Do a Walk-through

                        Total cost: Eight percent of one full month's rent

NOTE: Owners need not sign up for monthly services to receive the set-up service.

SERVICE AREA:  All of Santa Clara County
START-UP DATE:  January 1979
STAFF:  Full time personnel
CONTRACTORS:  Licensed contractors on call


Peggy Francis:
Business: (408) 264 - 8028
Voice Mail: (408) 345 - 1918
Cell Phone: (408) 221 - 5115